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Re: Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim: A Unifying Factor In Kogi PDP | Open Reporters
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Re: Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim: A Unifying Factor In Kogi PDP



Ahead of the forthcoming Kogi governorship election the Peoples Democratic Party has never been as united as it is with the party presently. This feat didn’t just happen by happen stance.

The aspirants, all of them first class by individual rating, have for the first time have shown a lot of zeal and determination to wrestle power from the lack lustre APC led administration not minding who picks at fly the party’s banner.

Without mincing words, the aspirants see themselves as equals, little wonder they all have entered into an unwritten agreement to support whoever emerged as the party’s flag bearer in August. Little wonder the only party the PDP held in the state in may saw the aspirants in top spirit, exchanging pleasantries as one family.

Without mincing words, the name Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim has remained a reoccurring decimal for good: His capacity, acceptability, overwhelming ability and support to win the November governorship election.


Without stating the obvious, no meeting as claimed in the write up was held. One thing you cannot take away from the PDP is the assurances to a free, fair credible primaries to produce the party governorship candidate.

While the strength, popularity and acceptability of the PDP has become a nightmare to the other political parties, is reasons why in an attempt to scuttle the unity, we are seeing sponsored write up, against the PDP and the man who opinion poll no doubt favour to be the next governor of Kogi state.

What is on the mind of the PDP and its members is to reclaim power in November, not minding whose son is on the ballot, after all every other contestant who will on the ballot would certainly be somebody’s son.

It is important to state that even in the write up, the writer acknowledged that Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim is gaining more recognition and acceptability by the electorates. So why would an overwhelming acceptability become a reason for disagreement as put forward by the writer.

It is unfortunate that the writer choose to a headline that shows bias and intends to be mischievous, if not how do you reconcile his own information that Abubakar Ibrahim is likely to pick the party’s ticket based on acceptability. If this is the right thing to do so why would he envisage discord.

For every political actor and on looker in Kogi state, it is a known fact that the PDP would emerge victorious in the forthcoming governorship poll. The indication presented itself in the general election where the APC having been rejected, the APC led administration had no choice but to resort to gun to cracy.

The PDP remains one indivisible entity, with the aspiration of Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim, serving as the glue that holds the party together, having been seen as one to deliver the party’s gold in the November governorship election. It is unfortunate that Itodo Dennis became a sooth sayer over night, base on his source, leading to his heightened write up to please his paymasters. Unfortunately, he only helped in making the PDP and Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim known to the world that they would be winners in November.

For now, we in the PDP are working assiduously to reclaim Kogi come November governorship. For Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim, he has no doubt shown that he has the capacity, intellect, administrative sagacity to take Kogi out of the woods.

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