November 2: Depart From Us, Unproductive And Wicked Governor



Recall the biblical parable about a master who was about traveling. He called his servants and handed over to them five, two and one talent, based on their capabilities. When he returned from the journey, he called the servants one after the other to give account. Two of them invested the talents and made 100% profit but the third servant brought back the one talent given to him. The master was angry with him and chased him away from his presence calling him unfaithful and wicked servant.

This is akin to the Kogi scenario where we have an unproductive and wicked government headed by Governor Yahaya Bello.

When the last administration was about leaving office, it commissioned the Lokoja Bus Terminal worth N1.6bn, with the capacity of holding 1000 buses and also the potential of been the biggest terminal in the country as well as avenue for huge revenue generation for the state.

This project, with ten brand new buses, were handed over to Yahaya Bello’s administration. While other state governors, who inherited similar project, developed and improved on it, reverse was the case in our dear Kogi state. The multi-billion Bus Terminal has now been abandoned, turned into comfortable accommodation for rats and goats.

Most unfortunate, the buses (the confluence express) that were handed over to him are nowhere to be found. Kogites were expecting increase in investment in the transport sector but what Kogites got was a complete collapse of the public transport sector in the state. What baffles me most is how could a government and governor who has no verifiable scorecard think of seeking for re-election.

Re-election is purely based on performance, not propaganda. This is an administration that has engineered the geometrical fall in all critical sectors of the state economy – education, health, transport, infrastructure and social amenities. All have become victims of perpetual neglect, leaving the state in the surgical room of humanitarian crises, poverty and hunger.

Come November, Kogites will tell the current government, “depart from me, you unfaithful and unproductive servant with their PVC’S. November is the month of liberation.

– Sam Enemama Akubor


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