Meet The Admins Editorial team


Hi, my name is Martins Mejabi and I am in charge of this news site,

Martins Mejabi (born 12th December, 1978) is a Nigerian journalist, writer known for his uncompromising feat in the act of his journalistic endeavors. He is an activist, a Marxist and a Political Scientist; with specialization in human security and counter terrorism study in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Early life and education

Martins Mejabi was born and raised in Ekinrin-Adde, Kogi State. He is the first child of his parents, from a Christian home. He attended Baptist High School, Ekinrin-Adde. He obtained diploma in international relations and a bachelor degree in Political Science and currently undergoing his masters degree in the same University. He is a member of Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) and member, Nigerian Political scientists.

Career and Media Work

Martins Mejabi started his journalistic career about 15 years ago.

After many years of practicing in print medias and also maintain a regular column with The Projector Newspaper. In 2009, he started his own newspaper. But the task wasn’t a tea-party; as he was bestrode with financial inadequacy. But kept his dream alive.

In September 2018, he got an offer with the Sport Writers Association of Nigeria as a Administrative/National Secretary. A job which he honourably resigned from, in January 2019 to focus on his career. He is grateful to God for a height attained and the successful launching of openreporters website, which he believes will take another dimension in the dissemination of a verifiable and investigated reports across Nigeria and its boundaries. has come to serve with all intent of accuracy, firsthand reports and professionalism in all its reportage.

Personal life:

Martins Mejabi is married to Lola Martins and blessed with 4 children.