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Kogi: This wall of Jericho must fall By Posi Botun | Open Reporters
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Kogi: This wall of Jericho must fall By Posi Botun




We have been bombarded with tales of projects that are only in the imagination of the story tellers. Hefty sums stashed to be shared among a people seen and believed to be too hungry to seek for freedom. We have been told there is no vacancy in Lugard House because the edifice is now the inheritance of His Imperial Majesty, The White Lion. We have been asked, if not Adoza, who else?

Despite the apparent lack of capacity to harness the huge potentials Kogi State is endowed with, we are told this is the best Kogites deserve and nothing could be better than the anguish and pain the people are being forced to go through.

While crazy acquisition of wealth with state resources continued unabated, eight leprous fingers are being flashed in the face of Kogites proclaiming another four years for Adoza. Meanwhile, Kogites holding the short brutish end of the stick of inept governance in Kogi state can’t wait any longer for the reign of sorrow to end.

Come 16th November, 2019, the Red sea will part ways and we shall walk on dry land to our Canaan, a land filled with milk and honey that will be a marked departure from our present Egypt.

They forget that the race is not for the swift nor for the strong. This Wall of Jericho will fall because our trespasses and shortcomings have been forgiven.
– Posi Botun

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