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Kogi State Government belated response to the alleged Ganaja Flyover Heist; Watery and Shallow defence of Profligacy. By Posi Botun | Open Reporters
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Kogi State Government belated response to the alleged Ganaja Flyover Heist; Watery and Shallow defence of Profligacy. By Posi Botun



After the revelation by Sen. Dino Melaye alleging fraud in the award of the contract for Ganaja Junction Flyover in Lokoja, people in Kogi State expected and reasonably so, a swift response from Kogi State government to clear the air and expose the allegation as nothing but the antics of an arch rival determined to rubbish the administration of Alh. Yahaya Bello considering the long standing squabbles and hostilities involving the whistle blowing senator and alleged perpetrators of the monumental fraud.

Despite the promise of appropriate response, when days turned to over two weeks, the discerning understood the delay was to buy time to shop for story.

One thing however, about trying to justify falsehood is that it ends muddling issues and raising more questions than providing answers.
Going through the response, it is clearly a case of a man trying to explain why his hand is in the cookie jar.

The virement and diversion story don’t actually add up but has instead revealed why Kogi State under the inept leadership of Alh. Yahaya Bello has not measured up in terms of performance.

Showing pictures of freshly cast beams that were supposedly done in 2016 is the stuff, watery justifications are made of.

The same document wherein the State Commissioner for Finance alleged his signature was forged has been authenticated with the advertorial with funny stories about virement, diversion and state Executive Council resolution that is not only ridiculous but also ludicrous.

If after two weeks, this is what Kogi State Government can present to explain this apparent sleaze of monumental dimension, there is no lead to look further as to why Kogites continue to groan under the purported new direction government as a result of warped leadership.
The petty insults and innuendos thrown at Sen. Dino Melaye is futile attempt to misdirect Kogites in their quest to get answers to the alleged prodigious profligacy of the administration of Alhaji Yahaya Bello.

The whole saga is a cesspit of inappropriate conduct in governance and no amount of rabble rousing will erase the fact that, deliberate actions were taken to siphon state resources to private pockets of certain individuals at the top of administration in Alhaji Yahaya Bello’s government.

This shallow and watery attempt to justify an apparent profligacy is akin to laundering a rag. It is nothing but wasted effort.

Despite the helpless hopelessness the administration of Alhaji Yahaya Bello has quartered Kogites in, they can see through the fallacy tagged response to allegation of corruption against a government that has become the agony of Kogites.
Posi Botun


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