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Kogi People Versus Yahaya Bello, Who Laughs Last! By Obafemi Babajide | Open Reporters
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Kogi People Versus Yahaya Bello, Who Laughs Last! By Obafemi Babajide



What goes around comes around. At the beginning of his administration, a lot of us thought he will not only bring his youthful strength to a positive display, but, he will prove the entire state wrong. He will prove that, power needed to shift; not only shift but rotate. And that, the minority could also rule the state so well aside the fact that we needed to retire all old politicians who had held the state hostage since creation.

Alas! Omo Akotileta proved us all wrong. He redirected his energy and vibes negatively. 8-38 months of non payment of salary is no child’s play. Pensioner wallowing in more poverty, death has now become the gains of their 35 years meritorious service to their darling state. To crown it all, no single project to be named or commission as part of his effort in moving the state forward.

So we begged him to at least listen and allow the voice of reason to prevail, he said “no”! He preferred to surround himself with hypocrites, praise singers, the nay sayers. He never realized that, those bus conductor most times don’t go on the journey with the driver, he wouldn’t listen.

But now he will know, that, no matter how bereaved one is, one will never be buried with his fathers corps. He will soon know, that, human being will only lick an oil soiled hand, never will they lick the one soiled with blood.

He will soon realize that, he is working with a set of politician that will quickly change gear and follow the next government, they can not afford to be out of power. He will soon know, that, the dance he dances jointly with his co-travelers will become only his to dance. He is just about to face the music!

He has tread too much on the part of perdition, but he was warned. No wonder why the Yoruba adage says ” you don’t warn a child not to contact leprosy once he is ready to live alone in the bush. We warned him, that only success has so many followers, failure don’t.

He is up and everywhere now, from Aso Villa to Asiwaju’s place, pleading, looking for survival. Only if he knows he is clutching on straws. Just only if he knows.

Three options are left for him, he either forget about this dead on arrival second time ambition, or he goes into the primaries and accept the already known result; or, he decamps to another party and test how popular he thinks he is. Time shall tell.

But for now my bros Alhaji Yahaya Bello, “gbe body e” Kogites are tired of you.

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1 Comment

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