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KOGI KOYA! Kogi KO BELLO!! By Stanley Ajileye | Open Reporters
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KOGI KOYA! Kogi KO BELLO!! By Stanley Ajileye




Compatriots, it has be brought to our knowledge that Mallam Bello has received the last batch of the Paris Club’s refund since last month. We are not sure yet how much accrued to Kogi State, we plead with the Senator Dino Melaye to use his great contact to find out how much Mallam Bello got.
He received allocation till last month, yet no salary was paid.
The judiciary has resumed and agreed to his screening and table payment, but suddenly, the Malam and his errand boys who claimed the salary are cooling off in bank, suddenly developed cold feet. By next month he would have owed judicial workers, one year salary. This must not be allowed to continue.
Our labour force in Kogi is the most docile union I have seen. There is need for the declaration of a state of emergency in Kogi.

Mallam Bello has lost touch with governance, he us only gambling with the state
We must help him call for the declaration of state of emergency.
Any civil servant who got no salary for five months and above and still goes to work is either a thief or insane.

He/She is a thief if he can’t explain where he gets his transport and feeding money from.
Insane if he treks to office or borrow to invest in a place where there is no return.

Labour leaders are failing us. Your members are dying and you stayed in-door to supervise their death. God will judge you if you refuse to act now.

Today, many of us who are pastors have taken the responsibility of the state upon ourselves as churches have turned to refugee camps.
This must not be allowed to continue.
The farmers fought the Agbe Koya war and won. Aba Woman took their destiny in their own hand, they won their own battle. 1) What are the women in Kogi doing when their husbands and loved ones are forced to commit suicide?
2) What are the men in Kogi doing where their children dropped out of school?
3) What are Kogi Students doing when their teachers can not give their best for welfare related reasons?
4) What are workers’ union doing g for itself when it’s members are are reduced to mere street buggers.
5) What are my fellow Pastors doing as we conduct burials every weekend of people that died of starvation?
6) What doctor and nurses doing as they are greeted daily with multiple cases of depression?

The time to act is now! Kogi Koya!
Kogi ko Bello!!

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