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An Open Letter To Senator Dino Melaye By Ajagun Opeyemi Samuel | Open Reporters
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An Open Letter To Senator Dino Melaye By Ajagun Opeyemi Samuel



Distinguish Senator Dino Melaye, let me start by congratulating you on your successful re-election and your inauguration as the Senator Representing Kogi West at the National Assembly. Your re-election back into the senate is no doubt a clear justification of the popular saying that says the reward for good is more good. Indeed, over the years as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, you have shown a gross competency and a sheer readiness to legislative business, this has led to your massive re-election where you floored your contenders with wide margin of votes.

Dear distinguish, my reason for writing you this short but concise epistle is to draw your attention back to the promises you made before, during and after your re-election into the senate. One of the projects you spent your time, energy and resources on which is the conversion of College of Agriculture Kabba to Federal University of Agriculture had not been completed and sadly enough the project had been abandoned and it seems nothing tend to happen afterwards. Sir, it may interest you to know that your re-election into the senate was instigated by the hope the people of Kogi west had in you, especially the people of Okun Land, students were not also left out as they unanimously endorsed your aspiration and casted their votes for you. It is now left for you to deliver on the mandate the students reposed in you.

Sir, as a students leader, I am one of the people who mobilized students across villages in Okun Kingdom to rebel and resist the collection of people’s signatures to recall you as the Senator Representing Kogi West some years back. It is now the time for you to reciprocate our loyalty and solidarity to you by quickly reopening the motion to converting Kabba College of Agriculture to Federal University of Agriculture and by prioritizing the welfare of Students in Kogi West through payment of WEAC fees, Jamb Fees, giving scholarship and payment of School Fees for the less privileged students. You’ll agree with me that at this present time of economic dwindling, the students of Kogi West are expecting you to come to their rescue in terms of this.

Dear distinguish Senator Dino Melaye, I want to once again, commend your immense efforts at rehabilitating of some roads across Kogi west, mainly Okun land, I wish to drag your attention to the disturbing condition of some roads in Yagba federal constituency mainly the road from Mopa to Egbe. Over the time, this road had been a nightmare for both the motorists and the cyclists. It has caused a lot of economic woes for both the farmers and business men/women of Yagba federal constituency as they were unable to convey their goods to the markets why business men and women were also unable to convey their goods into their respective communities. This had hinder the enhancement of economic prosperity in Yagba Federal Constituency. It would be recalled that the people of Yagba Federal Constituency gave you their massive votes in the last general election. Something I can describe as a bloc votes.

Dear Senator Dino Melaye, the only way you can repay the people of Yagba Federal constituency is by constructing their roads and facilitating of projects for the enhance of development in the constituency.

The youths of Okun Land have suffered from unemployment which has been the deadly disease that is killing the economic prosperity of Okun. The youth are not engaged in business that’ll put food on their table. Our youths need to be employed, as a Senator of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria, many of us believe that you have influence to lobby for employment for the people of your constituency. I use this moment to make appeal to you to address the issues raised in this short write up. Our prayer are always with you and you will continue to triumph over forces of evil and agents of demons.

God Bless You Sir.
God bless Kogi West.
To whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected.

Aluta Continua Victoria Ascerta.

Comrade Ajagun Opeyemi Samuel

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