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Alhaji Yahaya Bello and his desperate second term bid! By Posi Botun | Open Reporters
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Alhaji Yahaya Bello and his desperate second term bid! By Posi Botun



It is sheer interest that would make people of strange temperament and background band together. It becomes more baffling when persons of proven ineptitude in office still want to vie and some people still jostle for them. Too bad that Alhaji Yahaya Bello happened once in Kogi State but a second time will be tragic. Pin him down to articulate his vision for his people and you will not help but wonder, why this error in the 21st century.

The second-term misadventure must be exposed for what it is: a poison that ought to be avoided. By a political leader’s actions and inactions, lives are easily built and destroyed on a large scale. lacking in demonstrable ability to govern, Kogi State has been put in reverse gear under Alhaji Yahaya Bello’s watch.

We must demonstrate our power by making a statement that not any longer, will a party field a person of questionable character and expect to win. It behoves on us to shun him this time around on grounds of ethics and poor performance. Some of our people know the truth but because of what they are getting or what they have been promised, have since maintained an undignified silence and collaboration to keep our people in bondage perpetually. This is when silence is not golden and to sit aloof is criminal. These are desperate times which call for a detailed response.

It is not a time for us to sit back and expect things to happen. We must roll our sleeves and get into the trenches. This is about the future and the kind of tomorrow we want to sustain. We must not allow a few clueless, vicious and no less rapacious few to torpedo the evident and widespread hope of a better tomorrow for our people.

I see in this second-term misadventure, a notion and idea completely out of harmony with decency. They should know that and not expect that it is only indecency that can triumph here. After four wasted years of in Kogi State under the tasking watch of Alhaji Yahaya Bello himself, this infamous ambition to go back to Lugard House portrays more greed and deprivation than a genuine desire to serve the people. Governing Kogi State should be inspired by genuine desire to serve the people and not squeeze them dry. This smacks of extreme callousness and even cruelty.

What I see here is indecent greed. Our rights must not be strangulated to satisfy such gluttony. I take an exception to that and I want to be counted on the side of those who said no to such absurdity, no matter what it costs.
Posi Botun

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